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Love the Sax? Which sax is the Alto Sax? What does an Alto Sax sound like? I have found most people really love the sax but don't know which one is which. They want to see a Saxophone, hear a Saxophone and maybe watch some videos from Sax Players! Welcome to the Alto Sax Site! Alto Sax US celebrates the Alto Saxophone and the people who play them.

We have sax pictures of Alto Saxes, Alto Saxophone sound clips, Alto Sax Video Clips, a little Alto Saxophone history, a list of famous Alto Saxophonists, favorite Alto Sax Player CDs and links to more Alto Saxophone Sites.

Alto Saxophone US is here for Alto Sax Players that have played for years or brand new Alto Saxophone Students with basic helps, articles, and questions answered that you have submitted over the years. Everything you want ever wanted to know about the Alto Saxophone is all in one place!

I hope you enjoy your visit, so lets get started!

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HEY Tenor Saxophone Players and Tenor Sax Fans!! Check out the Tenor Sax Site with Tenor Videos, Pictures, Articles, Lessons, Sound Clips and even a Virtual Tenor Saxophone!

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